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FGS Seaport Contract Information

Contract N00178-14-D-7715

FGS, LLC (FGS) provides secure, leading-edge technology and process management services to military, Government and commercial clients worldwide. We offer SCI-cleared technical, analytical, business, and full-spectrum security professionals who provide expertise in the following areas: Secure Information Systems; Security and Engineering Services; Intelligence Collections Planning and Management; Analysis for the Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense; and Program/Project Management.

FGS Quality Assurance (QA)

FGS is well-versed in all aspects of Project Management, to include Initiating; Planning; Executing; Monitoring and Control; and Closing.  Through these processes, we monitor each project’s technical progress, milestones, and cost, providing continuous Quality Assurance (QA) throughout task performance.  Progress reports are delivered periodically through various forums, and policies & procedures are in place for managing and directing each task’s standardization, quality, and cost control/cost management.  FGS provides timely and accurate financial accounting and reporting using Deltek's GCS Financial Management System, which is an automated DCAA-approved system.

FGS has a formal QA process in place that is applied to all deliverables prior to submittal.  This process focuses on three areas: 1) Compliance with the SOW as well as with all applicable program plans, processes, standards, and procedures; 2) Content to ensure relevancy; and 3) Clarity to ensure all information is presented in a clear and understandable manner.   In addition, our QA review identifies, addresses, and prevents issues affecting product quality.  FGS’ goal is to ensure the products produced meet or exceed customer expectations.   FGS’ corporate-level Security, and Quality Assurance (QA)/Project Control support functions interact directly with the FGS Project Manager, so that overall program objectivity can be maintained. This management network provides the FGS Program/Project Manager continued and direct insight into program conduct, status and support, from task order initiation to closure.

The benefits of our organizational structure include very few management layers between key decision-makers within the team and cross communication between the teams.  The FGS Security, and Quality Assurance (QA)/Project Control disciplines provide FGS Management with continued and direct insight into program status, from task order initiation to closure. The Program/Project Manager closely monitors all tasks to track performance, cost, and quality information, and we measure cost and schedule variance throughout the period of performance.  By performing all of these QA processes as a team, we are readily able to provide customers with accurate project status at any given time, integrating and managing each project's scope, schedule and cost.

Team Members

None assigned at this time.

FGS Points of Contact

Kelly Thomas
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Mike Standridge
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Task Orders and Technical Instructions

Basic Contract executed 19NOV2013

TOT Number Solicitation Number Zone Issued By Award Date
N00178-14-D-7715, Order 0001 1300383390-0282 2 NSWC, Dahlgren Division 19NOV2013