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Information Security (INFOSEC)

We understand that the fundamental objectives of the Information Security Program are to provide comprehensive guidance and procedures for handling and safeguarding programs and projects involving classified and sensitive national security information.

The first step toward safeguarding national security information is achieving complete mastery over applicable IC and DoD policies and procedures. FGS personnel consist of security specialists who have expertise in all aspects of Information Security, from initial working level concepts to National Policy development, through interpretation and implementation. We assist our customers in enhancing its Classification Management/Declassification Program to include the development of program/project guidance and establishment of a classification management working group; and in providing support to staff and industrial partners as described in the individual DD254s.

SSO and PSO Staff Augmentation and Support

FGS brings the skills and knowledge required to identify, analyze and integrate operational, environmental, human, and technical security requirements against policy mandates. Integrated security is the key to success and FGS will work across all disciplines to develop the right security measures for supporting our customer’s operational requirements. We will provide our broad experience in day-to-day security operations and mission requirements as we have done in supporting our current government and industrial partners. Our specialists are capable in receiving, controlling, tracking, and safeguarding all levels and types of information.

Classification management and foreign disclosure

FGS personnel have long-standing and close affiliation with the USG, the IC and DoD, and are acknowledged subject matter experts in their respective functional areas. FGS’ collective company resources have supported DTRA government and industry partners in classified as well as unclassified activities. FGS staff are knowledgeable of IC and DoD policies and procedures concerning classification management, protection, disclosure and release of classified NSI, such as ICD 703, DoDM 5200.01, NDP-1, EO12958, and EO 13292. Additionally, we are cognizant of customer specific policies and instructions affecting classification management and declassification. FGS personnel also bring knowledge of disclosure policy such as the NDP-1. FGS personnel possess a comprehensive knowledge in processing Freedom of Information Act and privacy act requests. This includes providing recommendations on release.

Security training and briefings

FGS has a proven capability implementing a Security Education and Awareness training capability for all levels of government and industry, both in the DoD and the IC. As these programs show, an aggressive SEA program is a very effective tool for reducing security related incidents and violations. FGS leverages its IT capabilities and dedicate resources to support program-specific training and awareness via a multimedia format. FGS has been successful on all levels in developing and implementing a proactive, dynamic, multimedia security education, awareness, and training capability for both the DoD and the IC.